Futuro Houses

So late last year, I became fascinated with these futuro houses. I couldn’t stop reading about them!

Little bit of info:

A Finnish man named Matti Suuronen designed these UFO-shaped houses during the 1960s-70s. It was a product of the Finland’s faith in technology and their optimistic view in a space-age movement. There’s conflicting info on how many were built and how many have survived (some say between 60-96). There are some fanatics out there that are collecting info/photos of these Futuro Houses from all over the globe. They were taken off the market in the 70s, and many have been demolished. Most are publicly owned – only 2 seem to be in a museum.

When I found out there were 2 in Texas, I had to go see for myself. (And later on one in Florida) The first one is in Rockwall, it is off Highway 276 W and it is completely abandoned – with graffiti and empty beer bottles. It was interesting being inside. They are rather small – hard to believe that was suppose to be a home. But you can clearly see where the bathroom was. and the electricity lines…It is just off the road. See pictures below of the Rockwall Futuro

183 186 176 190 194 195

Rockwall Futuro

I then visited the one in Royse City which is privately owned. I used http://www.thefuturohouse.com/ to help me get more information on the location of these futuros. This one was a lot of fun because I had only seen the google maps aerial view of the futuro – as I drove up, I was so excited to see it in someone’s backyard. They had a loose dog, but I HAD to meet them and go inside… and I did. I met the son, who advised me that his sister had wanted one and she used it as a room. This one was in better condition and was actually used as a bedroom for many years. It is now more as a storage unit, but was still very cool. I was given the father’s telephone # for additional questions, and I lost it 😦

Royse City Futuro

226 227 229 233

I then was in Florida, and had to go see the one in Pensacola!

Pensacola Futuro
Pensacola Futuro










For more info visit:





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